Unearth the Hidden Risks Buried Among Your Vendors & Suppliers

Third-Party Risk Management

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Join senior decision-makers for exclusive, cross-industry events on how to fortify your enterprise against emerging cyber threats and data breaches.

threatLAB® 2017 features notable intelligence and cyber risk experts discussing a growing threat vector for every industry: third-party cyber risk management.

Does your organization rely on partnerships with suppliers or vendors? If so, are you able to determine if their safeguards and security policies are sufficient to prevent a data breach that harms your enterprise?

To secure your enterprise in today’s outsourced business environment, conduct business with the federal government, or meet regulatory requirements, you must understand and protect your entire digital ecosystem. Even though your data may be stored within a third-party’s environment, YOU are ultimately responsible for its security.

Cybersecurity consulting firm TSC Advantage invites you to learn about third-party cyber risk management at our educational seminars.

  • Hear how hackers have used third parties to steal information and interrupt business
  • Learn how to make cybersecurity part of your enterprise risk management process
  • Get a four-step plan to begin third-party cyber risk assessment

threatLAB® Series

A collaborative education experience for organizations across all verticals.
What previous attendees have to say…

“Two of the most interesting presentations I’ve seen in a long time.”- Chief Information Security Officer
“Great mix of legal, IT and business views. Great perspectives from other leaders.”- Vice President of Risk Management
“TSC did a great job of facilitating the collaboration opportunities.”- Senior Information Security Architect
“Great networking opportunity focused on a threat that we all share.”- Chief Financial Officer
“Excellent information. Very good speakers. Lots of value in the groups!”- Chief Executive Officer